Global Warming Solution 1:


The largest cause of global warming is the methane gas produced by cows.  If we decided to eat our dead* instead of cows this would make a huge impact on global warming for two reasons.

1. Less cows=less methane

2. Less dead=more public green space

Studies have shown that if implemented we could really make a dent in the global warming crisis.

*A personal note:  I don’t think we should eat babies, I don’t eat veal or lamb I think eating babies is just too much…

It was pointed out to me that I failed to offer a Vegan/vegetarian alternative. One of my co-workers suggested going Tibet style and just leaving the body on a mountain for natures disposal crews, and I thought, “What a great idea!” However there are not mountains everywhere and then there is the issue with the smell. So Each community would have to designate an area. This is also an opportunity for private industry as well.


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